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I wanted to thank you for the lessons you taught me. I endured the most strenuous test of my entire life yesterday, and the lessons you taught me in Judo helped me prevail.
I have been working for five weeks now, catching gray wolves for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for a study on pack movement. The alpha male of a pack we endeavored to catch broke one of our snares, so my boss and I trekked through the woods to find him.
We caught up with him after some time. The end of his snare had caught on a branch. We were very lucky. I grabbed the end of the snare and held him in place for ten minutes. He weighed just under 100 lbs, but I remembered to keep my center of mass in my hips, and move like John Wayne - with a swagger. I kept my arms loose, and pulled back when the wolf gave me an opportunity. I held him. Dear god, I held him there.
The chemical immobilization drugs had frozen in the -21 F weather. My boss thawed the drugs eventually, and administered them. The wolf lied down, but we had to give him a booster, because he was not ready to go down. While he was under, we were able to attach a radio collar and ear tags, to add him to our study animals. Everything went flawlessly.
My boss, who has been catching wolves for nearly 30 years, told me that this was his most bizarre capture in his career. This was my fourth capture. I was prepared because of the lessons you taught me. Thank you.

Ryan Keenan
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities - Honors Class' 18
Vice President - Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Biology Club
As I look at my 6 plus pages of notes (not counting nawaza or another two hours of video that Eric has) I think about how lucky I am to come across you guys. It started with a phone call from my wife, and I have ended up meeting a whole new group of friends with an extreme amount of knowledge and skill. While Tom's knowledge has helped me and my Judo immensely, I would not have gotten much out of it without good ukes. You not only allowed me to practice my skills without using much effort you also taught me many lessons as well. So well, in fact, that I would say I got more out of this weekend than I have out of most any other seminar, summer camp, or Olympic Training Center in the last 20 years of Judo. Sometimes the hardest part about learning is finding someone who will let you learn: you guys did that very well and I am very grateful. Thanks again,

Keith Anderson
Just a quick message to let you know that I appreciate your Judo DVD. It's been helpful to perfect my techniques.

Aalter, Belgium
Thank you so much for the "Judo Basics" video. The instruction is wonderful, my 6 year old is taking Judo class at the local YMCA and the instructional has really helped him by slowing down the movements and helping him understand leverage and proper follow through. Thank you!!!!

Michael D
Shelby Twp., MI
Just watched the Judo Basics and think it a terrific guide for beginners and novice students.

Gary Goltz
President, United States Judo Association
Upland, CA
Tom Crone is one of the best judo coaches and technicians I know. His DVD shows what judo skills really are and I recommend it highly. His experience as a national and international coach are evident and anyone of any skill level will benefit form this DVD.

Steve Scott
Welcome Mat Judo and Jujitsu Club
Kansas City, MO
Tom Crone's "Judo Basics DVD" is a welcomed addition to the world of martial arts supplemental training where there is a definite need to fill the void where Kodokan Traditional Judo is concerned. Much work has obviously gone into this labor of love and the DVD is a asset for any coach or student interested in refining their skills.

Prof H. G. Robby Robinson
Hachidan USJA, Kudan, USMAA
Pensicola, FL
I find Tom Crone's Judo Basics to be an excellent guide. The step-by-step instructions with detailed graphic aids has got to make this DVD very valuable for anyone interested in learning the great sport of Judo.

Glenn Shifflet
St. Paul, MN
Tom Crone's Judo Basics DVD is an invaluable resource for Senseis and students alike. It has clear and concise explanations of all aspects of Judo. A must have for any serious Judoka's video library.

Constance H. Halporn
USJA Certified Coach
USA Judo certified coach
former Coach Columbia University Judo club
Assistant Instructor, Biwako Dojo
Godan, USJA
Brooklyn, NY

As a newcomer to Judo (or any sporting activity for that matter), I am very happy to have Tom Crone's DVD. Being able to watch between classes to become familiar with the different moves has been particularly good for getting accustomed to what things are "supposed" to look like. In class, nothing was ever totally foreign to me, as I(d at least seen it done a few times, even if I(d never actually done it, myself.
In practicing falls, the DVD was particularly great at spelling out the motions of individual body parts, breaking them down in detail. When you(re in class, sometimes you miss the finer details, and watching the DVD helps fill them back in.

Sarah Munsey

U of M

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