Professional Training Video

kubajitsu pro dvd

Fundamental kubaton skills needed by professionals. Situations are up close and personal for estabishing or regaining control of situations. Weapon retention is often a critical moment of survival.

Length: 14 minutes

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Basic Training Video

basic training dvd

The participants are Tom Crone's U of M judo students. They had never used a kubaton before, so these are basic self defense techniques for beginning users.

The video is also used by Mr. Crone's Certified Kubaton Training Instructors for use in their training classes.


  • Readiness and attainment skills
  • "Weak hand" skills method (Created by Kuba Jitsu®)
  • Attack responses: Simple, Basic, Easy to Learn
  • Press and release escape techniques
  • Pinch control
  • Real Life Scenarios
  • Rape and abduction prevention - Standing and on the ground
  • Use for Street, Home or Office


  • The use of the flexible Training Kubaton makes practice practical and safe
  • Skills are taught by an expert, and demonstrated by true novices
  • The ATTAINMENT aspect is covered in depth. It is the most important single training aspect at any level of skill
  • The proprietary "weak hand" training approach makes the kubaton far more practical for everyone, from citizens to law enforcement personnel
  • Only the fundamentals are covered
  • The fundamentals of Kuba Jitsu add control, precision and power to every move
  • Length: 59 minutes

This download is non-refundable

$10.00 for Kubaton Basics Video